The need for a sharper image and an industry-wide transition to crystal clear, digital photo imagery is changing the face of beauty and raising the bar in the cosmetic industry.

Recent changes in hi-tech mediums such as digital photography, HDTV, and the Blu-Ray disc format, are inspiring changes to cosmetics that are designed for everyday use, as well as for the special needs of makeup artists who work in photo media.

Although newspaper photojournalists and other photographers have long since made the transition from analog to digital photography, there's much flurry in the television industry about government mandated changes requiring digital transmission of programming by 2009 in the U.S. and by 2011 in Canada.

"We've created a new blu_ray makeup collection to meet these needs. We call it high definition makeup for a hi-tech lifestyle," says Toronto-based Hana Zalzal, Cargo Cosmetics president and founder.

Even if you never plan to appear in a newspaper or to audition for a reality TV series, you may want to update your makeup. You don't have to be a star to look like one.

The latest generation of lightweight makeup that looks good in print and on television also has benefits for everyday wear.

According to Zalzal, Cargo's blu_ray line, which is new in stores this month, was inspired by a growing number of requests from Hollywood makeup artists who were struggling with the limitations of traditional makeup and how it appeared under the sharp lens of new technology.

In the relatively low resolution, early years of digital photo media and TV shot on videotape, the traditional technique of loading on layers of heavy makeup to create flawless skin and a perfect image, usually didn't appear obvious to viewers. The old methods of heavy makeup application are glaringly obvious and out of sync with the clarity provided by today's big screen TVs and tightly refined, high resolution images, which are usually in the range of close to 1100p (progressive scan lines).

The blu_ray collection is based on cosmetics that contain photo chromatic pigments and micronized light diffusers.

Photo chromatic pigments are ultra fine, micronized minerals that automatically colour correct makeup, so that colours stay consistent in all types of lighting.

For photo media professionals, photo chromatic pigments translate into fewer makeup changes than used to be required to stay in sync with lighting changes.

In real life, the advantage is that makeup will look natural under the fluorescent lights of the office, yet won't seem glaringly bright when you step outside into natural light or bright sunshine.

Your skin may also appear smoother and more evenly toned, thanks to the micronized light diffusers that reflect light randomly to help camouflage skin imperfections.

Micronized light diffusers also help to create a natural glow that is not glittery or shiny.

Products containing glitter and shimmer are generally avoided in photography and on TV, as they can refract the light unevenly, making the skin appear greasy.

In real life, shimmer can be attractive, but can also draw attention to blemishes, fine lines and other uneven skin textures.

The good news is that you don't have to throw out your old favourite makeup products, to modernize your appearance. Old school cosmetics combine well, with photo chromatic products.

Other blu_ray products include a combination blush/ highlighter powder and a mascara. And there's a lip gloss compact that contains four interchangeable shades with a formula containing ingredients to plump and smooth the look of lips.