Maria Grazia Chiuri unites fairy tales, feminism, and fashion for the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Unveiling today at the Palace of Versailles, the cinematic vision and runway is backdropped by the haunting opulence of the Galerie des Glaces, or Hall of Mirrors, which was a point of inspiration for Monsieur Dior himself at a time when protofeminist fables and tales were being circulated by pioneering female writers. Symbolically reflecting on this history, an installation of rows of thorn-adorned mirror-like sculptures titled "La Galerie des Ombres" by artist Silvia Giambrone line the palace's hall.

Furthering the legacy of women's storytelling, Chiuri also highlights the work of five female illustrators from around the world in a series of animated teasers leading up to the collection's debut. With no other guidance than the prompt of interpreting femininity through their work, Bárbara Cerro, Terry Cherubini, Marion Fayolle, Aisha Madu, and Noriko Okaku create mysterious, comedic, and beautiful mini-stories.

Chiuri's own strength at creating a fashion narrative is full on display in the collection's fashion film. The Fall/Winter 2021 lineup itself loosely interprets fairy tale elements, with pinafore dresses evoking innonence, a number of hooded outerwear looks bringing mystery, and plenty of princess moments closing the show with tulle gowns featuring sweeping trains.