At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, it was hard to look away from Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Despite the mega star power at the awards show, the couple instantly commanded the paparazzi on the red carpet: Fox wore a vampy Mugler dress with cut-outs, while Kelly-who won the top rock artist award-sported a modern, edgy Balmain suit.

Together, the duo were like a modern-day Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, in that they were all over each other and amping it up for the photographers. Their cohesive looks spoke for themselves though. They looked the part of a true rockstar couple thanks to the assists of Adam Ballheim (Kelly’s stylist) and Maeve Reilly (Fox’s stylist).

Their bold couple looks actually began with Kelly’s suit. Ballheim says that one of his favorite parts about working with the artist is his fearless approach to style, and they wanted to continue that spirit by subverting a classic mens red carpet look. “He wears things that others can’t (or won’t) and in a way that makes every fit uniquely his own,” says Ballheim. “We loved the idea of taking a classic black suit and white shirt and really giving it the Machine Gun Kelly treatment.” They landed on a sleek Balmain style that had interesting details. “It looked like a traditional suit at a quick casual glance, but then you look a little closer, it has all these interesting little twists: the extended lapels, asymmetric shirt, flared trousers,” says Ballheim. Another interesting twist? His tongue was painted black.

From there, Reilly then selected a saucy Mugler dress for Fox, complete with strappy cutouts and towering Jimmy Choo platform shoes. “Once I saw the suit, we knew we wanted to keep it sleek and sexy, complimentary to his look,” Reilly says. “I wanted a show stopping dress. We wanted her to wear the hottest dress that existed, and that was it.” For both stylists, it was ultimately important to approach this latest fashion moment as a duo-not as individuals. “Megan’s look really complimented [his],” says Ballheim. “They both are taking these classic ideas-LBD, the classic black suit-and really giving it their own spin and doing it in their own punk way.” We would say the mission was a big success.

Below, a closer look at some of Kelly’s outfit details.