As someone whose hands are always freezing (even in the summer, my mitts are comparable to ice), browsing the best winter gloves and mittens for the cold weather months has become an annual tradition of mine. Granted, my frigid faculties are likely caused by a pre-existing circulation problem - that, or I’m seriously cold blooded - but winter weather conditions give everyone a chill, so in order to stay warm, a cozy pair of gloves should be at the top of your shopping list, too.

However, don’t be fooled: Shopping for the best gloves and mittens is no small feat. There are so many kinds to choose from that the massive selection can feel overwhelming. One pair might not look very different from the next, but it all comes down to the details, like material, style, and whether or not they’re waterproof.

To help narrow down your options, I’ve sussed out the best from the mediocre pairs on the market. Check out my picks, below.

Lululemon Sherpa Weave Mitten


Generally, when you slip on a pair of mittens, you’re essentially putting your fingers out of commission until you take them off. That isn’t the case with this cozy pair from Lululemon. Unlike other pairs that trap your digits, Lululemon’s accessory features a fold-over hood, so you can protect your fingers from the cold and let them come out for air whenever necessary. They’re just as comfortable as they are convenient: The mittens are constructed with a wool-blend fabric that contains merino wool, a naturally thermoregulating material, and lined with Sherpa fleece that’s super warm and soft to the touch.

J.Crew Texting Gloves in Everyday Cashmere

If you, like me, associate 'cashmere' with 'luxury,' these texting gloves from J.Crew will meet your expectations. Available in a mix of fun and fundamental colors like heather grey and heather mineral (a bright baby blue hue), the gloves feature slits at the thumb and forefinger so you can text, explore apps, and keep warm while outside.

SH*T THAT I KNIT The Motley Merino Wool Mittens

Christina Fagan’s boston-based small business, Sh*t That I Knit, has blown up in the past few years, growing a fan-base around the world and Hollywood (Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Cavallari are fans). Her collection of sustainable knitwear includes everything from beanies to headwear and blankets, along with these 100% merino wool mittens. Each pair is hand-knitted by one of 170 women artisans in Lima Peru, and features built-in index finger and thumb holes so your hands stay nice and toasty, even if you brave the cold to text.

Free People Hestra Full Moon Mitten


Whether you’re hitting the slopes or have a particularly glacial commute, Free People’s extra long mittens will ward off the cold. Yes, the pair does look eerily similar to the Pillsberry Dough Boy’s puffy mitts, but once you experience their insulation, you won’t mind. Made from a blend of leather, polyester, and ripstop (nylon), the quilted accessories are windproof, waterproof, highly breathable, and easily adjustable to ensure your perfect fit.

isotoner Chunky Mittens


My husband gifted me this exact pair of mittens for Christmas last year and I haven’t reached for another since. They’re cable knit and lined with fleece, so they keep your hands nice and snug through frigid conditions. And, unlike other knit accessories that can be sort of stiff, isotoner’s chunky mittens are malleable and feature non-slip palm patches so you can get a better grip on things like your phone, grocery bags, or steering wheel.

Urban Outfitters Cable Knit Chenille-Lined Glove


Urban Outfitters’ cable knit gloves are what I consider a very traditional pair. They come in four neutral colors - light brown, ivory, black, and grey - are one-size fits most (reviewers say they’re a little snug on larger fingers). Though a braided design has been stitched on the top of the hands, there are no gimmicky frills. They’re soft and warm and made from 42% acrylic, 32% polyester, 25% nylon, and 1% spandex.

Urban Outfitters Tie-Dye Flat Knit Tech Glove


Running with the times, I couldn’t leave Urban Outfitters’ Tie-Dye gloves off this list. The psychedelic pattern has seen an uptick in popularity this year (which isn’t surprising, seeing as how tie-dye is a serious mood-lifter), and since I call them like I see them, if I had to guess, the groovy hues aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Ergo, grab yourself a pair of these flat knit tech gloves that feature an organic tie-dye print and tech-compatible technology at the thumb and pointer finger.

Storiarts Writing Gloves


It’s common knowledge that whether you’re a writer, coder, or have a job that demands your fingers be flying across a keyboard for hours at a time, your hands probably get a bit chilly from all the windswept activity. That’s where storiarts writing gloves come in. Each American-made pair is created with 100% cotton knit fabric, and is decorated with text from a classic novel. Choose from passages straight out of literary favorites like Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, and Shakespeare’s Macbeth, among others. The pair will keep you cozy and, if you get bored, provide some sneaky entertainment.

American Eagle Lemon Winter Cabin Mittens


These sweet mittens from American Eagle are a classic pair to add to your collection. The winter accessory features a (faux) furry cuff, so it’s a little fancier than a traditional style, and comes in three colors - true black, grey, and toasted coconut, all of which will match pretty much everything in your closet.

Carhartt Women's Quilts Insulated Mitt


These are the mittens you grab when it’s not only freezing outside, but also raining or snowing. Carhartt’s pair of mitts come in five colors, are made from 100% polyester, and feature a ripstop taffeta shell with quilted stitching. They’re also insulated with soft polyfil and designed with a FastDry technology that wicks away sweat.

UGG Bow Genuine Shearling Gloves


I know what you’re thinking: $155 is a pretty penny to drop on a pair of gloves. But listen, UGG is worth the splurge. These gorgeous shearling gloves are, well, gorgeous, and are basically a two-for-one purchase: They are both an accessory and a winter wardrobe staple. The stitched bow at the cuff of these cozy suede gloves elevate your everyday uniform, and with genuine shearling lining, your hands will feel as good as they look.

Off-White Black Felted Wool Long Gloves


True, this is a go-to brand for today's top celebrities, with fans that include Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid (just to name a few). But, aside from being able to signal that you're part of the cool club with an Off-White logo, these longer-length gloves will help to keep your arms warm as well. They're especially useful if the sleeves on your coat are a bit wide, letting in too much of that cold winter air, or you simply need an extra layer when temperatures dip below freezing. They're also kind of glamorous and unexpected; if Audrey Hepburn were around in modern times, she might just own a pair of these.