A perennial style that never truly fades away, nautical stripes are once again on the rise. With fashion houses such as Miu Miu offering fresh takes on the naval-inspired pattern (and marine attire as a whole) with its recent Maritime Collection, nautical stripes have emerged as a key trend for the summer.

Complementary to both feminine and masculine styles (e.g. breton tops, chinos), nautical stripes offer a sheer simplicity that can be dressed up or down-either way, their effortless aesthetic is well-suited to the warmer months.

Having originated in 1858 as a component of the French navy’s uniform, the distinctive striped pattern offered an easier way to spot sailors who had fallen overboard (and also gave Napoleon Bonaparte yet another means to brag about his victories, with the original design featuring 21 stripes for his 21 victories).

In 1917, nautical stripes went from strictly being a component of wartime apparel, to being on the fashion fore when Coco Chanel released her infamous nautical collection. Since then, the classic striped pattern has been seen on on figures ranging from celebrities like Taylor Swift to It girls like Alexa Chung alike.

Whether you’re going to be on a boat, by the pool, or even relaxing in the comfort of your own home-dive into summer the right way by adding nautical stripes to your outfit repertoire. Here, see all the ways designers are interpreting the classic style.