By the end of July 2009, Nike Women presented the coming fall 2009 collection through a glossy X-large magazine with articles and photo stories under the motto 'Let Yourself Out'.

The reasons for outdoor training are listed already on the first pages:

  • the nature is an additional challenge which burns your calories faster than doing the same training in the studio
  • the exposure to natural light (Vitamin D) prevents bone disease or depression (don't forget your sun protection)
  • fresh air promotes the quality of sleep, enhances mood and boosts energy
  • a 'green' scenery reduces stress
  • you are producing less CO2 because you don't need any electrical cardio machines
  • you can save costs for the gym (tip: hire the personal trainer as a group and split costs)

Under the title 'Urban Playgrounds' Nike summarizes current developments such as guided outdoor trainings organized by gyms for the ones who haven't experienced the new 'playgrounds' yet and that sporting in front of the door is already popular in China, Australia and UK.