Despite being one of the most beloved members of royalty, Princess Charlotte may lose her titles when her father, Prince William becomes king. According to the rules of the royal family and the way the line of succession works, the little one may lose the use of her title when she grows up. She is currently fourth in line to the British throne.

Charlotte, who is only six, must see her title change on at least two occasions: when her father becomes the Prince of Wales, and she becomes the Princess of Wales. But when William becomes king, the only one to receive the title of Prince of Wales will be his older brother and future king, George.

Charlotte cannot become to take the title of her mother Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, because to become a Duchess she must marry a Duke. The title of Duchess is not hereditary, but the title of Duke is.

But there are two solutions to this: she could adopt another title as soon as her father's duke takes the throne or take the title of Royal Princess, which currently belongs to Anne, Queen Elizabeth II's only daughter - due to the succession line, their daughters could not inherit.

The title of Princess Royal comes with many responsibilities and strict rules to be followed and Anne is one of the hardest working members of the royal family.