In Chinese culture, the colors red and gold are evoked during times of celebration, especially throughout the Lunar New Year. Red traditionally symbolizes fire, good fortune, and joy. The color appears during weddings in order to ward off evil and foster fertility. Gold, on the other hand, represents wealth, illumination, and prosperity. During the Chinese New Year, the hues come together in the form of detailed decor with the intention of attracting positivity and success into the coming months.

Chinese New Year offers a moment in which individuals and families alike take time to honor heavenly deities, ancestors, and their own households. It calls for giant feasts, vibrant celebrations, and increased generosity. Every year correlates to a Chinese zodiac animal decided by the lunar calendar. The animal is said to embody the attributes of that year, similar to the zodiac of Western astrology.

This year marks the Year of the Ox, and we can only hope our days are filled with luck and happiness. To get into the festive spirit on Chinese New Year, L'OFFICIEL looks back on times when designers channeled the auspicious colors of red and gold on the runway.