Photographed at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence, the new Pre-Spring 22 Salvatore Ferragamo collection utilizes a space whose past incarnations, first as a church and then as a factory, have always been updated to reflect the present, remodeled by Marina, the artist's wife Marino Marini, to be a space dedicated to his creation.

Reflecting the multiple facets of Ferragamo's progressive and artisanal aesthetics and the diverse characteristics of those who use it, the couple's mission is to transmit sensitivity in harmony with the works of art "the function of a museum is not to show us pieces or art, but give us the opportunity, the tools, to look through these objects" observes by JMG Le Clézio.

Amidst materials in the upcyling process, scarves and fabrics from previous collections are re-signified and given a new look, with the use of manualities such as patchwork, applications in gold threads, handcrafted marbled kaleidoscope of file coupé and the use of traditional techniques such as the knitting .

In a fluid modeling with some structuring details in tailoring, with a mixed color palette amidst several overlapping prints, warm tones that refer to this alignment with the concept of passion and love that this couple represents.

And as there should be no lack of carefully thought-out accessories with the brand's classic design, they gain recycled and innovative materials, such as the Future Positive rubber sneaker, Bucket bag in bird cage construction that echoes the design of Salvatore Ferragamo's 1951 Kimo shoe with sleeves interchangeable, recycled nylon pocket pouches with quilted Gancini pattern and cotton crochet driver shoe.