But if there's one lesson we've learned from Sarah Jessica Parker, it's that sticking with what you know and love always pays off. On top of having a thing for grey jeans, the actress and designer also enjoys cropped pairs. For years, we've seen her pants hit just above the ankle, a trick that helps to elongate her legs and make her appear taller - despite the fact that she's only 5'3.

Whether she's wearing baggier fits or opting for sleek and slim, completing her outfit with heels or sliding on sneakers, Parker's best jeans outfits all adhere to this one simple yet important rule. Take a closer look at why it works, ahead, before giving it a try yourself.

Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Cropped Jeans


She's been wearing this style for decades.

Even in the '80s, Her Pants Hit Above the Ankle


While this trick has an elongating effect, it's also a great way to show off some chunky socks.

She's Made a Case For Visiting the Tailor


Or at least investing in "short" jeans styles if you're petite.

Of Course, You Can Just Cuff the Bottoms, Too


No cutting and sewing required.

It Doesn't Matter What Shoe You're Wearing


Parker has worn cropped pants with sneakers, letting a little bit of ankle show.

However, You'll Get an Extra Boost With Heels


In this case, heels added height that helped balance out a long shirt.

This Trick Helps to Show Off Your Shoes


A smart move for a shoe designer!

Clearly, SJP Found a Style That Works For Her


And we're betting she'll continue wearing it for years to come.