Leave it to Saweetie and MAC to transform the iconic Boom Boom Room at The Standard into an enchanting magical garden. In celebration of the artist becoming the cosmetic brand’s global ambassador, the bar and its banisters were adorned with blossoming roses and sparkling strands of crystal.

The dress code on the invitation prompted attendees to put on their iciest attire and, of course, Saweetie certainly nailed it in a saucy silver dress with a star-shaped cutout. In the same vein, guests Lori Harvey, Ashley Benson, Alton Mason, Law Roach, and Leomie Anderson were also dressed for the occasion.

DJ Miss Milan kicked off the night playing R&B classics from Usher and Beyoncé while caviar, oysters, and sushi were served to guests. “From McDonald’s to MAC, I feel like I’m dreaming,” an excited Saweetie told Vogue over the thumping music. As the night went on, the tunes transitioned to up-tempo beats of Saweetie’s chart-topping hits.

Of course, a special section roped off for Saweetie, but her infectious personality can’t be tamed. She lit up the room, mingling with the crowd and dancing behind the bar. Guests were also treated to an exclusive listen to new music from the star. If the uncontrollable head nods and dance moves are any indications of those songs’ future success, they’re all sure to be hits as well.