Shoes'n'Show is aimed at manufacturers, wholesalers, buyers and retailers. It offers the Mediterranean area professionals a great business opportunity, finding an ideal heart in the Campania Region to develop and enhance the commercial and cultural relationships that have characterized the history of the Mediterranean countries. A network of economic and institutional relationships with Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, Greece, Turkey and Lebanon supports the fair.

A platform which aims to promote dialogue between new professionals, called to forge better business relationships between operators in the manufacturing sector.

Pursuant to the EU Declaration of Barcelona - Euro-Mediterranean Partnership - Shoes'n'Show intends to host a community of professionals, insiders and enterprises (in order) to build a dense network of socio-economic and cultural relationships. New trends and new technologies are compared, to confront the international competition like a leader.

Why Shoes'n'Show?

-      Because Shoes'n'Show is a trade fair during which more than 300 manufacturers face 20thousand between buyers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

- Because Shoes'n'Show is the evolution of a consortium of more than 40 footwear wholesalers who select quality fast fashion footwear collections 365 days a year. They decided to open its doors twice a year to all the industry operators in the Mediterranean.

- Because during the fair you can buy/sell directly - late season - all the ready-to-wear collections selected.

- Because space is non-dispersive, which favors the right concentration to negotiate with selected operators only and actually interested in the business. The space is structured to ensure all exhibitors fair visibility.

I AM A PRODUCER: Why should I exhibit at Shoes'n'Show?

- Because more than 40 Italian wholesalers looking for products to buy are already here,permanently.

- Because Because approximately 20 thousand retailers already know about Shoes'n'Show.

- Because Because all the institutions fully believe in the efficacy of this great business opportunity.

- Because Because I want to find new distributors to expand my business in the Mediterranean

I AM A WHOLESALER / DISTRIBUTOR: Why should I take part in Shoes'n'Show?

- Because I will find more than 300 manufacturers making up the excellence of the Mediterranean basin, capable to offer quality collections and trend for fast fashion.

- Because I want to extend the range of brands to work with

- Because I will find thousands of products that have already been selected from over 300 manufacturers

- Because I can sell my products in new markets, not only during the fair but also throughout the year

I AM A BUYER: Why should I visit Shoes'n'Show?

- Because I will find quality and trendy products that will minimize the economic risk of inventories, with an excellent price/quality ratio.

- Because I can buy products that are already selected from more than 40 wholesalers

I AM A RETAILER: Why should I visit Shoes'n'Show?

- Because I can make even small purchases and collect the goods during the fair.

- Because I can see - late season - which articles really work in the ready-to-wear fast fashion.

- Because I will appreciate a place where I can make even small purchases throughout the year,preventing the risk of stocks.



The Made in Italy footwear - a strategic resource for revitalizing small and medium-sized enterprises - looks toward the Mediterranean area, in which the Campania Region can be intended as the ideal heart, a hinge-territory between North and South. Ages after ages of history, art and culture characterized its trade.

Shoes'n'Show stands as a marketplace during which it will be possible to buy and sell selected ready-to-wear collections. The Internet will be a key factor: Shoes'n'Show is homeplace to the new age of business communication and advertising, and aims to utilize the full potential of new technologies to its best, to provide enterprises a strong impact in terms of advanced services, image and resonance from its first edition.

Not only fair

The favourable geographic position of the venue hosting the first edition of the exhibition allows participants to enjoy moments of relaxation and leisure, quickly and easily reaching such historical places of great importance like the medieval town of Old Caserta, the viewpoint of San Leucio, the famous Ponti della Valle, and of course the "Reggia Vanvitelliana" (8th-Century Royal Palace), the historical palace of the royal family of the Bourbon dynasty of Naples, proclaimed a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Leaving the strategic position of the "Centro Tamarin", in only a few minutes it is possible to reach the center of Naples and dip into the colourful and overwhelming Neapolitan city.


Shoes'n'Show will be held at the "Centro Tamarin", Caserta, Italy, the heart of the 5th industrial hub in Italy. A place of great potential for every business.

Reachable in a 20-minute drive, the "Capodichino" Airport of Napoli - is one of the most important for air traffic in Italy with many national and international connections.


The casertan footwear district - with its manufacturing system - is more focused on the so-called "cittadella aversana" or "Teverola footwear district". In the post-war period the system of companies already expert in the field of textile/clothing production were joined by the first family-run shoe factories: a source of extraordinary creativity and craftsmanship.

Nowadays in the district - which includes about 500 companies and over 3000 employees - medium and medium-high quality men/women footwear are produced. The companies work mainly on behalf of third-parties, but some also export abroad with its own brands.