We love looking to celebrities for product recommendations, whether it’s the coolest sculpting jeans or a soft, skin-friendly face mask. And if you’ve been searching for the latter, a few stars have found the perfect option.

Discover Night’s Silk Face Mask has skyrocketed to fame since Hollywood’s leading ladies - ahem, Adele, Priyanka Chopra, and Nina Dobrev - all stepped out wearing one. Adele sported the gorgeous face covering during her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live; Dobrev reached for the gunmetal gray version while flying with her pup; and Chopra wore the silky black mask while traveling in Germany.

Clearly, the silk face mask is easy on the eyes (read: it's just plain pretty). Made from 100 percent Mulberry silk that gives it an inherently elevated appearance, it has that subtle shine - as most silk fabrics do - along with plenty of practical features, like adjustable ear loops, a nose wire, and a filter pocket for extra protection.