When the 'sporty preppy' fashion trend began to infiltrate our Instagram feeds, we'd be lying if we said we weren't thrilled to return to late 90s and early 2000s sartorial nostalgia. What initially felt like a novelty for trends gone by, this athletic-inspired style has proven its tenure – and it's not going anywhere soon.

Sure, we won't be running around in mini tennis skirts and matching tank tops the way we might have in the past, but there's nothing to say you can't adopt this trend in a more sophisticated capacity. Here, we take you through seven of the defining pillars of the preppy trend and how you can wear them in an 'adult' way.

The cross-body sweater drape

As we transition into autumn, the timeless and effortlessly cool cross-body sweater drape is a staple from the 'sporty preppy' fashion trend we'll definitely be adopting. Simply take your favourite chunky knit sweater and wrap it around your body like the season's biggest 'it' accessory. The best part? It doubles up as cosy outerwear when the temperature starts to drop.

Over-the-top exposed collars

The right collar can make or break even the most well thought out outfit. When it comes to preppy style, the more exposed the collar, the better – meaning it's time to let it all hang out. If you're layering with an oversized jumper, cardigan or blazer, make sure your stiff collars come out on top.

Pleated tennis skirts

When the tennis skirt popped back onto the sartorial roster, we definitely doubted its staying power. With the popularity of the 'sporty preppy' fashion trend however, it seems to have stuck around for much longer than we originally anticipated. Our favourite way to style this piece is with a matching blazer and a mini shoulder bag for the full 90s vibe.

Tailored Bermuda shorts

A personal favourite of team RUSSH, the tailored Bermuda short gives us major Vivian Ward vibes. Who could forget that red short and blazer combo? Stylised enough to fit the preppy brief, but with a casual, loose edge. Pair with a simple ribbed tank, a trusty cable-knit sweater and either sneakers or a leather loafer. Depends on just how sporty you want to be.

Anything cable-knit

While you might think of the 'sporty preppy' fashion trend as a very clean and sleek approach to dressing, your hit of texture takes form in cable-knit. Jumpers are of course the safe and obvious option, but we are also seeing this cosy knit in bike shorts and flared pants. The perfect weekend errand-running ensemble.

Tube socks always

Remember that time when we decided tube socks were daggy? Well, we were obviously very wrong. This fashion trend is calling for the return of the chunky athletic sock – and you better show it off. Calves and all.

Classic Oxford shirting

Don't ever underestimate the power of an excellent stripped shirt. Rather than opting for a classic blue stripe, be more adventurous by sporting a green or purple stripe. Colourful athletics shorts and chunky Chanel sandals are an absolute must for a more casual take.