You could say Storm Reid is a little obsessed with swimsuits. A summer baby-she turns 18 today!-the actor has always loved going to the beach or the pool. Naturally, she has a large collection of swimwear as a result. “I have to thank my oldest sister, Paris, because she started buying me swimsuits every year around my birthday-and that just culminated into a ridiculous amount,” she laughs. (How many suits she owns, exactly, remains a mystery.)

It’s only natural, then, that she would eventually release her own line of swimwear. Today, the star released a new swim collection in partnership with Pacsun. The partnership was Reid’s first time designing swimwear, but given her natural love of it, she knew exactly what she wanted to do for it. Titled the ArashiBlu collection, the line includes swimwear, cover-ups, and headwraps that are modern, streamlined, and affordable, priced from $20 to $60.

Style-wise, Reid focused on silhouettes that are cut in a way that look good on just about anyone-halter-style bikinis, asymmetrical-shoulder one-pieces, and even backless dresses and and mesh wrap skirts. “If I didn’t like something or felt like it wouldn’t fit a certain body type, we would add extra hardware or extra support, or take things away,” says Reid. “I was super involved in the [design] process.” Aesthetically, she used jewel tones and elevated finishings like grommets so you can wear the pieces out, too. “I wanted this to feel effortless and fun,” she says. “We wanted it to be versatile. You can go to the beach or the pool and look great, but you can also throw on one of my cover ups and go to dinner.”

This summer, Reid says she’ll definitely be wearing her own designs-in addition to her seasonal signatures. “I love to wear dresses,” she says. “In the summertime, I love to wear a cute, short dress with sneakers-I’m a sneakerhead.” She also enjoys borrowing from the boys for more casual fits. “I live in the boys section,” Reid says. “I feel comfortable in men’s clothing. I feel great in a men’s graphic tee, shorts, and a sneaker.” Regarding her Pacsun line, though, she’ll have the opportunity to test drive it this month when she heads to Greece for a birthday vacation. “I am actually dragging one of my friends over here today to help me pack, because I am the worst packer in America,” Reid says. “I can buy the clothes, I can fold the clothes, but when it comes to putting the clothes in the suitcase-I suck at it.”