When the call came for designers to begin creating masks and protective gear for healthcare workers, fashion names from LVMH to L.L. Bean stepped in to help. With masks being a requirement in many public settings, everyone from storied fashion houses to our favorite up-and-coming brands are offering inventive options that go beyond a bandana.

Below, some of our favorite designers, from L.A. to Detroit to Rhode Island to Paris, who are creating their own non-medical fashion face masks, many of them with charitable components. Staying safe in style, helping out a small business, and giving back to those in need? That's a win-win-win.


1 Bowtie Sculpted Masks


2 Monogram Tapestry Bandana & Mask Cover Set


3 The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack


4 Face Mask Set


5 Reusable Face Mask Cover


6 Xtra Ruched Face Mask


7 Knitted Logo Face Mask


8 Vintage Check Cotton Face Mask


9 logo face mask set


10 Moon-Print Face Mask