While the Gossip Girl reboot provides timely insights and cautionary tales, some of the show's most valuable takeaways are derived from the quality of the costuming and styling. Eric Daman, the costume designer for both the original series and the reboot, has invigorated the new generation of Upper East Siders with a fashion sense all their own. Across the board, the show has been meticulously modernized and has broken new ground, while also remaining intimately in conversation with the Gossip Girl of before.

With the first installment taking place at the beginning of the school year in early fall, now is the time to look to the students of Constance-Billard and St. Jude's for fall dressing inspiration. While all of the principal characters bring a unique sense of style to the show, there are three particularly excellent standouts: Aki, Max, and Julien. With fits and colors that simulateneously communicate personality and style, these three characters embrace trends in distinct and aspirational ways.