Activated charcoal has long been used in the wellness industry to aid with digestion, but its detoxifying properties have also made it a widely used ingredient in the beauty realm, too. In recent years, the charcoal mask has become a must-have skincare treatment to help with blackheads and acne. Activated charcoal is one of the most popular ingredients contained in beauty products ranging from purifying masks and facial cleansers, to creams and shampoos. But what are the actual benefits of this natural remedy?

Thanks to its detoxifying power, this porous black powder obtained from the carbonization of wood seems to be an ideal ingredient not only for the medical industry but also for skincare as it is known for its antibacterial qualities. Activated charcoal is specially treated so it is more absorbent than regular charcoal, ensuring that it will attract toxins and keep them from being absorbed into our bodies. Especially suitable for combination and oily skin, charcoal is able to regulate the excessive production of sebum, helping to purify the skin whilst preventing it from future breakouts. Being a natural ingredient, charcoal is well tolerated even by those who usually have allergies to pigments and for this reason, it is also used as a natural dye for some cosmetics such as eye shadows and eye pencils.

Charcoal can enhance your hair care, too. If your hair is oily or if you have dandruff, charcoal can be a great scalp treatment before you shampoo or it can be mixed directly with your regular shower product. It will pull out toxins from your hair follicles and detoxify your scalp, going deeper than just removing surface dirt. Because it's very gentle, charcoal won't disrupt your hair's natural moisture levels, leaving it smooth and voluminous. And if you also feel like whitening your teeth, charcoal can help draw out impurities, leaving you with whiter teeth without damaging your existing enamel. Here, check out some charcoal-based products to add to your beauty routine now.


This purifying charcoal mask unclogs pores and deeply absorbs environmental toxins and excess sebum while dissolving impurities and debris from the skin.


This charcoal, plant-based lotion with cedarwood and sandalwood notes combined with smokey amber and oud is extremely moisturizing for the body, leaving it light and refreshed.


An exfoliating, sulfate-free scrub made with charcoal that draws out impurities that clog the hair follicle while balancing and soothing an itchy, irritated scalp (whether oily or dry).


With a blend of extracts and ingredients including coconut oil and camu camu, this activated charcoal toothpaste cleans and freshens your breath for a healthy-looking smile.


With a mix of mineral-rich clay and charcoal powder, this cleanser actively cleanses and purifies the skin from impurities and excess oil to keep it balanced.