If there is a city that allows for experimenting with seasonal transitional style, it’s Paris. Where else can you wear puffer jackets plus sandals or a trench coat with a mini skirt on the same day, let alone the same outfit? And for the past eight days, Paris Fashion Week showgoers have been doing just that. A common outfit formula seen around the bustling Paris streets included short hemlines, long overcoats, and sturdy flat boots-three of fall’s must-have items in one fool-proof look.

Taking a closer look at Paris fashion week street style stars gives us a lesson in how to mix fall’s fabulous mini skirts with the season’s selection of classic coats and knee-high boots. Keep in mind it’s helpful to have your coat and boots meet or overlap, to ensure there’s no awkward leg gap exposing. Leave the rest of the mix up to your imagination. Go long! (and short!) this fall with these six styling ideas below.

Three-Piece Prints

Pile on the prints, and if you get cold, you can always add a pair of tights, too.

Future Perfect

Sporty sunglasses and leather trench coats would normally give off a Matrix aesthetic, but when paired with cowboy boots and brown leathers, the look feels 2021.

Go-To Tailoring

This fall and winter, reach for a sleek, ankle-length, double-breasted menswear-inspired coat for any and all of your outfits-mini skirts and combat boots included.

Prep Goes West

Add a little giddyup to a mod mini and grandpa-inspired sweater vest-and don’t forget a leather trench.

Queen of Pop

Paired with an otherwise all-black ensemble of a cozy cardigan and wooly blanket coat, a pop-star worthy micro mini adds a surprising element of color.

Fall Tones

A tri-colored brown-toned leather jacket works surprisingly well with a chunky grey knit and black knee-high riding boots.