It may be strange or redundant to spray on a perfume that smells like skin, but there's a reason these fragrances are so appealing. The chemical notes of Iso E Super-a synthetic molecule developed in 1973 in a laboratory at International Flavors & Fragrances (an American corporation specializing in scent development, cosmetic flavors, and active ingredients-have a mild woody smell and a hint of musk. The soft, attractive wood fragrance combines with the natural scent on each person's body to create a unique smell that is singular to each individual. It is a subtle fragrance, and only when someone comes very close can they detect it. This sense of proximity and the chemistry of the scent is what makes the hidden charm of a skin-scented fragrance.

More broadly, the notes of wood, fresh linen, vetiver, or white flowers—which are associated with the skin scent—are currently trending in fragrance. The clean and refreshing scent conveys an inviting feeling, too. The fragrances evoke a sense of comfort, like cuddling close to someone.

Intrigued? Discover three skin-like fragrances to try this year:

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

Molecule 01 was born in 2006, and is one of the successes of luxury fragrance brand Escentric Molecules. Molecule 01's scent is simple because its unique composition is made up of 100 percent Iso E Super. At the first, Molecule 01 almost disappears from the skin, and is almost undetectable. As you work, run, walk, and live your day, the scent of your body triggers Molecule 01, revealing a clean, clear fragrance with some warm wood notes.

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, $135, Bergdorf Goodman

Le Labo AnOther 13

A minimalist scent rich personality, this fragrance is a collaborative effort of celebrity-favorite perfumer Le Labo and AnOther magazine. It was originally a part of the limited edition City Exclusive collection, but more was produced because it was so popular. AnOther 13 gets its distict scent from ambroxan, a chemical note, that smells faintly like ambergris and fresh skin. When combined with 12 other ingredients, mainly notes of flowers, wood, and musk, AnOther 13 gives a dry and fragrant impression that has the crispness of white paper combined with the warmth of the body.

Le Labo AnOther 13, $83, Nordstrom

By Rosie Jane James Perfume Oil

Inspired by bare skin, By Rosie Jane is as clean as freshly laundered sheets. Although the formula with a main white flower note does not contain many surprises, By Rosie Jane makes the wearer comfortable. When combined with the light body scent, it creates a combination of soft and lovely cotton and wood.

By Rosie Jane James Perfume Oil, $40, By Rosie Jane