Spring 2022 is a body-con season for clothes and some types of jewelry. Body chains adorned bare midriffs and were threaded through cutouts and under corsets, while arm bands drew attention to the biceps. At the same time, both hoop earrings and chokers grew to enormous proportions, and chainlink for women, as well as men, blew up too. Necklaces were sometimes layered but most pile-ups involved rings and stacks of bangles, often in rainbow-bright colors. The use of natural materials-wood, shells, stone-stood in direct contrast to the glitzy 1980s-style sets seen here and there.

Fringes continue to be popular (some of it in traditional tassel form) as do floral motifs. This season had a silver touch, but it was the use of leather in jewelry making that felt new; perhaps it will develop into a full-blown trend for fall.

The mood at the shows was mostly upbeat, but there was an undercurrent of tension. Evil eyes and other protective amulets were prevalent, and the uncertainty of the moment was reflected in surreal baubles like tooth earrings and spoon necklaces-pieces sure to cause a pleasing stir.

Up in Arms

The bicep band came on strong this season.