Since its creation in 2017, Persée has always placed gems-with their sparkles and magical reflections-at the heart of its collections, first with the laser-pierced diamond, floating on jewelry, then with the fine and precious colored stones, bewitching and highly symbolic. From now on, the brand offers two delicate and luxurious boxes, to learn about lithotherapy, a practice that uses the energetic forces, virtues, and mysterious aura of stones.

In several cases, two accessories developed for this collection are available: a facial roller and a gua sha tool, both available in seven different stones. The roller smoothes the complexion, while the gua sha tool has a natural lifting effect, smoothing facial tension and the appearance of wrinkles and greatly promoting lymphatic drainage. They are applied to the face and are ideal for the delicate eye area where the skin is very thin. Used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, these two treatments bring balance and harmony to your beauty routine and invite you to take the time to savor their benefits, which vary depending on the stone.

How It Works

Each stone has forces and energies that offer beneficial therapeutic properties. They are natural, neither tinted nor treated, in order to let their true beauty vibrate. Before using these precious instruments loaded with energy, you must hydrate your skin well with a cream or an oil that you like. Thus, the movements will be smoother and gentler on your skin. These two instruments are not only used around the eyes, but also on the rest of the face, neck, and decolletage. Beyond muscle tension, they can also help relieve emotional tension.