In case you needed another reminder, consider Vogue’s street style coverage this season. Not everyone in our photos was wearing a mask, but the ones who were will serve as little reminders of the changes we need to keep making to stop the spread. These pictures capture a specific moment in time and our mixed emotions; we’re balancing empathy, caution, and the simple joy of being with colleagues and friends again. Years from now, when COVID-19 is a distant memory, they’ll be the rare street style photos where we can instantly pinpoint the year and what was happening.

In the more immediate future, they also provide a lesson in how models and editors styled their masks with their outfits-which were noticeably more laid-back and casual this time around. One model matched her rainbow-splattered mask with similarly colorful utility pants, while Natalia Vodianova paired a floral Paco Rabanne slipdress with a sweet rose-print mask. A stylish man we saw in Paris coordinated his teal and emerald look with a jewel-toned tropical mask, and another layered a plain mask under a crown of waist-length beads.

But the most popular mask of Fashion Week? Plain black. Sometimes simplicity-and not needing to think about yet another accessory-is really best. Here, scroll through 25 of the season’s best masked-up street style photos.