Tiffany & Co. opens the doors of its first holiday pop-up boutique in West Village. Located on the corner of Bank Street and West 4th Street, the shop is transformed into a holiday jewel box that captures the extraordinary essence of New York City just in time for the festive season.

Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, the luxury jewelry brand first opened in Union Square before settling uptown at its iconic 5th Avenue location in 1940. This year, Tiffany is bringing the magic of the brand downtown to honor the West Village's charming history and legendary creative energy.

Imagined through the eyes of legendary Tiffany & Co. jewelry designer Jean Schlumberger, the store comprises dream-like salons with theatrical lighting, moon and star motifs, white clouds, and regal gold leaf elements to keep up with Schlumberger’s intricate and colorful aesthetic.

Visitors are transported into a surreal environment of clouds, stars, and sparkling gems upon entrance. An augmented reality experience and digital animation features a golden bird evocative of Schlumberger's iconic Bird on a Rock, bringing a fantastical sense of livelihood and wit to the room.

A faux bookcase reveals a hidden jewel-toned room, complete with an oversized snow globe with Schlumberger jewelry placed inside. An adjacent salon surrounded by inky blue evening skies and glistening gold stars holds glamorous displays that showcase the house's most coveted jewelry collections, including Tiffany Knot, Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany T1, Tiffany Victoria®, Tiffany Jewel Box, and Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger.

The magical West Village pop-up is open through January 8, 2022 and will host a series of holiday-themed activations throughout November and December. Some of the activities include on-site hand painting of Tiffany gift boxes and holiday cards, calligraphy, wax sealing, tarot card readings, and more. The full collection, as well as appointment scheduling, are all available on the Tiffany website.