When acne or pimples arise, you just want it to disappear. While popping them may seem like the quickest fix, doctors discourage us from doing this on our own. Instead, they suggest seeing a dermatologist to help you treat the pimples safely. But now, as many still opt to stay at home, we wonder if there's a safe way of popping pimples at home, without having to go to a clinic.

Is it safe to pop pimples?

Since there are different types of acne, you shoud consult a dermatologist to find out the best treatment. If you have inflammatory pimples, doctors advise you not to squeeze or break them open for many reasons.

First, when we apply force improperly, these bumps can become more inflamed and cause dark or structural scars (pitting, concave). In addition, if you pop pimples at home, your hands or tools do not guarantee adequate disinfection, which can increase the risk of serious infection.

Therefore, popping pimples should be done by skilled professionals with clean tools, using light, precise pressure to cause as little damage as possible.

Are there any exceptions?

Experts understand the balance between ensuring safety in acne treatment and the ability to apply them in practice when not everyone has time to visit a professional. There will be times when both women and men have a need to pop pimples at home.

With blackheads, you can squeeze because it consists of excess oil and the keratin is clogged in the hair follicles. Over time, these hair follicles will loosen, making them easier to remove. With whiteheads, if you squeeze without the pimple appearing, it's best not to keep applying the force to avoid them becoming inflamed or leaving a concave keloid due to the damage. Instead, use specialty products to treat swelling prescribed by your doctor.

Before popping pimples at home, doctors recommend applying warm compresses to the area, making it easier to squeeze pimples. Then, you should apply medical alcohol on the pimple to disinfect it and also wash your hands, wear medical gloves, and disinfect any tools before squeezing pimples to ensure maximum hygienic safety.

But above all, make sure you eat and rest properly so that you don't give your skin extra reason to break out with pimples or acne.