In March 2020, the burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic forced a complete shutdown of Italy and halted the entire fashion industry across the globe. 18 months and three vaccines later, Italian fashion has slowly found its way back to the center of our hearts and closets. To support the growing calls for vaccinations, Valentino's Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli has partnered with UNICEF on a hoodie to encourage widespread immunizations.

The single-item, drop features a black hoodie with the brand's logo embroidered in red above the word "VACCINATED." The exclusive piece not only highlights Maison Valentino's pro-vax status but also brings attention to UNICEF's global vaccine delivery initiatives.

After seeing the fake Valentino "Vaccinated" hoodie designed by the streetwear brand Cloney, Piccioli bought all five sweatshirts available for himself and his friends, including Lady Gaga. Both Piccioli and Gaga shared photos of themselves in the knock-offs just weeks ago. However, inspired the Maison's own values, the designer was moved to release a limited-edition piece that both inspires others to do their part and supports vaccine distribution in regions with little access or resources.

“Getting vaccinated has become the most effective way to fight this global pandemic, as well as a symbol of respect for others and social responsibility," said Piccioli. "One cannot hide behind the concept of freedom by deciding not to get vaccinated. Freedom must always be protected, and we must all fight for freedom but respecting others: the freedom to be ourselves, the freedom of thought, the freedom of love, the freedom to express and fight for our own ideas. Unfortunately, not all countries have equal access to COVID-19 vaccines. With this collaboration, Valentino supports UNICEF in the delivery efforts of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines.”

Pre-sale for Valentino's "Vaccinated" hoodie begins September 23 at All proceeds from the sale of these sweatshirts will support UNICEF and COVAX, a global health initiative determined to bring more than 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines to citizens around the world and effectively stymie the pandemic.