Valentino just released the ultimate set of white gowns that brides around the world will covet for fall. The Italian luxury brand unveiled its latest Haute Couture Fall-Winter collection in a digital live performance titled “Of Grace and Light,” made in collaboration with image-maker Nick Knight accompanied with music by FKA Twigs. Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli made a heavenly dream tangible as he unveiled the collection at Cinecittà Studios in Rome early yesterday.

Piccioli brings together a human and a digital element, creating a new dreamscape which, combined with Nick Knight's vision of projecting colors and graphics onto the dresses, created a fantastical show.

In its 15 piece collection, Valentino places an emphasis on volume and movement to enhance the female silhouette in an ethereal appearance. The Haute Couture collection presents various ivory gowns that amazed viewers, with some dresses reaching more than 10 feet in height. The stunning lengths of the gowns were also displayed as they flowed through the air, with models suspended from trapezes and aerials hoops, evoking the surreal creativity of a Cirque du Soleil performance. The collection features white as the gowns' main color, signifying new beginnings and blank slate; there's a sense of infinite possibilities in their design. The dresses have features ranging from full skirts to dramatized necklines and sleeves to fringe and feathers, the latter to which Piccioli is no stranger in his designs.

Valentino was seemingly influenced by medieval catholicism in their latest collection as they display spiritual aesthetics like sequin embellished skull caps that resemble a Catholic crusader’s headpiece. The collection’s other extravagant accessories include silver metallic opera gloves and an enormous floral headpiece. In this couture collection, Valentino delivers an honest and sublime collection that morphs the female silhouette into a delicate yet regal manner.

See below for looks from Valentino's Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-2021 Collection.