Sartorial contradictions have always been embedded in Versace's DNA, a brand built on clashing traditional Italian style with audacious modernity-think merging vibrant prints with elegant silhouettes, or combining sleek fabrics like silk and lace with hard embellishments such as metal and beads.

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas,” Donatella Versace once said. “A business woman needs a successful mix of design and practicality.”

We partnered with Versace to highlight pairs of contrasting trends to flip between this season, an apt way to express ourselves given the current air of raging uncertainty and a future in question. Check them out below.

Sporty & Low-Key vs. City Chic

Tone things down for that morning coffee run with an oversized sweatshirt worn over floral-patterned trousers and matching two-tone sneakers. Then, swap for a more afternoon-ready look with a cardigan, leather skirt, and platform boot ensemble or a timeless leather jacket paired with a poplin button-down blouse, mini skirt, and square toe boot with logo jewel buckle.

Minimal Elegance vs. Maximal Casual

Minimalism took over the fashion world towards the end of the ’80s, when people exchanged bulky shoulder pads and gaudy designs for svelte silhouettes and pared-back colors. Today’s trend climate balances the former with an occasional “more is more” flare-you’re just as likely to spot muted colors and slim cuts on the runway as you are clashing patterns, oversized tailoring, and bulky footwear.

Minimalists will swoon over Versace's Pre-Fall 2020 collection’s geometrical double-breasted pantsuit and side-slit evening dress with signature Medusa logo buttons, while peacock dressers can opt for a head-to-toe floral look by combining these stockings and sleeved mini dress.

Dark & Fierce vs. Vibrant & Funky

The color black is synonymous with high fashion, and it’s not hard to understand why: It’s mysterious, versatile, and makes every outfit look effortlessly chic. For all you all-black-everything fashionistas, Versace's Pre-Fall 2020 collection has you covered with sleeved and sleeveless zippered mini dresses and leather platform boots.

But for those who need a little bit (or a lot) of color in their life, the line includes a smattering of vibrant touchstones like floral prints, neon green, and bright red and blue accessories.

Monochrome vs. Color-Blocked Sneakers

This season is all about chunky sneakers. If you’re looking for a more muted shoe that doesn’t skimp on personality, go with a sleek monochromatic silver Versace Chain Reaction trainer. Otherwise, the color-blocked red/blue/black Versace Squalo will be sure to satiate all of your statement footwear needs.

“Carry-All” Bag vs. “Just the Essentials” Bag

When it comes to bags, you’re either a “throw everything in” type or a “just the essentials” type. Running errands or carrying out various administrative day activities? Go with a practical shopper bag to throw in your random purchases or pull out your wallet without fussing with zippers or clasps. Hitting the town with your significant other? A lightweight cross-body keeps all of your essentials (makeup, car keys, etc) secure and will never weigh you down.