In a mix of decades, Versace's Cruise 2022 collection mixes pop elements from the '70s and '90s, showcasing nostalgically comforting references with the most iconic elements from both decades.

Emulating much of the iconic fashion from Clueless, the collection includes matching sets of checkerboard prints, cardigans, pleated skirts, tube dresses, and liquid latex connecting with elements of the '70s like psychedelic prints and appliqué, fringe, and classic platform heels. Despite being extremely vibrant, the collection maintains a pastel color palette that highlights graphic elements.

Various womenswear garments highlight the body-short hems and low waists are some of the brand's primary elements-while the menswear boasts trousers, shirts, and jackets in extravagant prints of different variations as a reference to the rap boom that defined '90s music.

Accessories complement every detail, minimally designed to fit the two decades. '70s glasses with large, rounded frames and mini bags juxtapose the classic proportions of '90s silhouettes.