Masayuki Ino didn’t do things conventionally this season – but in the end, what better time than the one we are living now to take risks and shift the way fashion was functioning before the pandemic forced us to revalue our lives.

The Doublet Spring/Summer 2021 show took place in Tokyo and was every horror movie fan’s dream. Picture this, an array of zombie-looking models, complete with translucent white eyes, fake blood, bodies covered in dirt and a vicious attitude.

Ino decided to turn a local French restaurant into a crazy haunted mansion. Twenty guests were invited to witness the show live, while it streamed online for the rest of the world.

Virtual reality goggles were provided so the guests were able to experience an out-of-this-world realm where they had the impression of visiting various rooms and meeting with strange monsters and ghosts.

Every character in the show harkened back to typical tropes of the horror movie genre: the butcher, the salesman, the Ronal McDonald clown, the looney old lady, the strange barista. It was workwear with a twist, blending the costumes engrained in our modern societies with elements of the eerie and the psychedelic.

Discover some of the spooky looks below.